Our First “Big” Game – Run Jump Die Repeat

We’ve been around for almost 3 years now and have released over 20 apps / games! That’s quit a bit. While all the projects have been fun so far, we’ve never really set our sites on a “big” project. That is until recently.

Let me introduce you to Run Jump Die Repeat (or RJDR). RJDR is going to be our first full fledged “big” game. We’re taking all we learned from past projects and using that in RJDR, plus more. This includes not only releasing the game on Android, but on PC as well. In fact, we’ve already launched a Steam Greenlight page for the game. While we will release RJDR on PC even if it doesn’t get greenlit on Steam, it would be beyond belief if we actually got it on Steam. You can help us get it there by clicking that image bellow and voting “Yes” on the Steam Greenlight page. As well as sharing it with your friends and family.


About the game:

Run Jump Die Repeat is a single button platformer game. Use [SPACE BAR] to run, bounce, jump, climb, and kill as you attempt to escape the evil Cron Rebels home planet.

Run Jump Die Repeat (or RJDR as I like to call it) will feature 50 puzzling platformer levels at launch, with ever expanding new mechanics for you to overcome as you progress. With four game modes (see below for types) and 50 levels, you’ll have plenty to do at launch. But we aren’t stopping there! We’ll continue to add new levels as time goes on.

Game modes include:

  • Story – Follow the story of Cheese Boy.
  • Classic – Play through the game without the story aspects and with unlimited lives.
  • Hardcore – Play through the game with only X amount of lives. How far will you get?
  • Speedrun – Beat the game or set amount of levels as fast as you can.

Each mode will have it’s own leaderboards so you can compete against the world on who’s the best. Along with personal stat tracking for many things you do in-game.

-The LongArm Team


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