Craft-Z has been shutdown until further notice. The app will remain in the store as a reference to our portfolio.

Click to download Official CraftZ Guide [Free] for Android for FREE!
Click to download Official CraftZ Guide for PC for $0.99!

The Official CraftZ Guide is an app designed to help you survive in the world of CraftZ. This guide was developed with the CraftZ devs to bring you the most accurate information possible.

Key Features:
– All stats are 100% accurate thanks to the CraftZ devs!
– Lists all the items of the CraftZ server.
– Includes many tips and tricks to the server.

*Use the phone’s “Back” button to go to the previous page or “backspace” if you’re on the PC version.*

About CraftZ:
CraftZ is a Minecraft server side mod designed to replicate The War Z in Minecraft. It is 100% free to join and play, however donations are excepted to continue the server’s support.

To learn more about CraftZ, check out their site here:

Minecraft server IP: