Run Jump Die Repeat – Released 3/28/2016 – Tap to run, bounce, jump, climb, and kill as you attempt to save the Cracker Princess and escape the evil Cron Rebels home planet.


2016 President Poll – VOTE NOW – Released 11/23/2015 – Vote for your favorite candidate for the President of the United States!


Antiques Patent Date Search – Released 11/4/2015 – Lookup patent numbers to see when they were filed. Great for antiquing!


Sips Battle Horn – Released 8/15/2015 – It’s finally here! Your very own battle horn! Annoy friends, family, and anyone generally around you with this fantabulous app.


Mine Slots – Released 5/30/2015 – Spin the reels and try your luck to get 5 TNT’s to strike the jackpot!


Flappy Dodgeball – Released 5/15/2015 – Avoid the balls and flap your way to the top pf the leaderboards!


Download Me Social Experiment – Released 5/3/2015 – a social experiment to see how many people would download an app called “Download Me” but we’ve turn it into something more, a community puzzle. While our main purpose stays the same, we thought to add a puzzle that users can collaborate on and submit guesses.


Amazing Neon Brick – Released 4/14/2015 – You are a brick. You love to jump. Up, up, and up! How high can you go?


Gimme Likes – The Game – Released 3/30/2015 – Can’t get enough LIKES? Get all the LIKES you want in Gimme Likes!


BOMBMATO – Released 3/5/2015 – How fast can you react? Test your skills at BOMBMATO! Tap the tomatoes and avoid the bombs. One wrong tap and it’s game over.


Runner Joe – Released 1/21/2015 – You haven’t played a runner game until you’ve played Runner Joe! Tap and jump your way to victory! Collect coins as you play and use them to unlock new characters and levels! Battle against your friends and the world thanks to Google Play leaderboards. How far will you run?


SipsCo Dirt Tapper – Released 12/11/2014 – Your dreams have finally come true! You can now own your very own SipsCo distribution center. Package the dirt into barrels and ship ’em away across the globe and beyond.

Hands Up Don’t Shoot – Released 12/04/2014 – Let us stand together and be united! Download this app and hold it to the sky in unison with others at public events or other places to show your support for Ferguson and that we won’t stand for police brutality and a police state.

911 Emergency Lights – Released 7/31/2014 – Turn your phone or tablet into a emergency light

Unturned Crafting Guide – Released 7/23/2014 – Beat the competition with your secret weapon, this app! This app holds just about all known recipes currently in “Unturned.” Stock up and start building your post apocalyptic empire!

Geo Jumper – Released 7/16/2014 – You are a blue block. You love to jump. Up, up, and up! How high can you go?

Chicken Catcher – Released 7/8/2014 – Save the chicks as they plummet from the sky, but watch out for the bombs set out to destroy you!

Wash Dogs Game – Released 6/4/2014 – What’s more fun than watching dogs? Washing dogs! In Wash_Dogs we take it to the next level, allowing you to wash many* dogs_ with ease and without the mess_

Fall, Titan, Fall! – Released 3/1/2014 – You are a Titan dispatcher. It is your job to make sure when the Pilot calls for their Titan that it makes it to the ground in one piece! This is a simulation to help you practice avoiding incoming missiles. How long will you last?

Helicopter+ – Released 1/21/2014 – The classic Flash Helicopter game for your mobile device!

Flappy Obama – Released 2/15/2014 – It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait, it’s Obama? That’s right, Obama now has his very own Flappy Bird game! Fly him around Washington D.C. for as long as you can.

Flappy Craft – Released 2/7/2014 – Flappy Bird meets Minecraft? That’s right, it’s Flappy Craft! Fly your Minecraft chicken through the portals and see how long you can last! No longer available.

Run Alien, Run! – Released 1/2/2014 – An endless runner in space!

GTA V Cheats (PS3 / 360) – Released 09/18/2013 – This app offers all known GTA V cheat codes on BOTH Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!

SubParGamers.com – Released 09/04/2013 – NOTE: SPG is currently inactive. World famous SubParGamers.com is now in the palm of your hands! You can now view all our gaming and tech stories on the go.

Official CraftZ Guide [Paid] – Released 05/24/2013 – This is the official guide to the custom Minecraft server, CraftZ.

Official CraftZ Guide [Free] – Released 05/24/2013 – This is the official guide to the custom Minecraft server, CraftZ.

Egg Snatcher – Released 03/11/2013 – Egg Snatcher is a simple one touch, high-score game were you must collect eggs while avoiding the chicks. Tap a chick and it’s game over!

Ultimate WarZ Survival Guide – Released 12/30/2012 – A digital strategy guide for The War Z. Currently available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.