Do you have what it takes to make a game? Then we want you! LongArm Interactive is seeking people who are familiar with YoYoGames GameMaker: Studio development tool.

As of now it is just I, Justin, who is officially part of the studio, with some other people pitching ideas behind the scene. Keep in mind the below positions are voluntary and unpaid, unless we start bringing in serious revenue, then you will be compensated. We are an indie studio. We make games because we can, not for the profit (though it is nice touch ;)).

Open positions:

  • Programmer: Help bring our ideas to life with your skills. We request that you be familiar with GameMaker: Studio or other programming software. If unfamiliar with GameMaker, you must be willing to learn it.
  • 2D Artist: Do you have the skill to produce amazing 2D art? Do you want your art to come to life in a video game or app? Send us some samples of your work and we’ll get back to you.
  • QA Tester: Want to help break our games / apps and give us feedback? Then this is the position for you!

Send resume, cover letter, or portfolio to Please put the subject to the position your are applying for.

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